The Department of Plastic Surgery believes that the development of investigative skills is crucial to the practice of plastic surgery.  Our residents are active in research beginning in their intern year, under the guidance of faculty plastic surgeons.


We are actively engaged in multiple lines of clinical investigation, and this is part of the daily life of our residents.  We have a weekly lecture series focusing on evidence based medicine and designing appropriate studies to address clinical questions, and these principles are applied whenever we review the literature.

In collaboration with our philanthropic work at The Pink Runway, we have at least one clinical and socioeconomic study annually on breast cancer reconstruction. Last year’s event funded, “Analysis of factors determining how women recently diagnosed with breast cancer navigate the pathway to treatment and reconstruction”.


Recent Clinical Projects:

Flap Physiology Laser Research
Scar Prevention and Reduction Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction
Microsurgical Nerve Repair Microsurgical Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury
Expanding Skin Substitute Use Facial Fracture Fixation Methods
Fat Grafting Techniques and Survival Surgical/Microsurgical Anatomy
Skin Rejuvenation Methods Skin Substitute Tissue Engineering
Metacarpal Fixation Methods Craniofacial Surgical Incision Development
Intraoperative SPY Imaging Wound Dressing Advancements
Perioperative Antibiotic Prophylaxis Volumetric Changes with Tissue Expansion