Our Hand Surgical Services

Your hands are vital in carrying out and completing daily tasks – from eating to getting dressed to driving. An injury, disease or even a mild degree of discomfort makes it difficult for a patient to get through a day without full mobility and use of their hands.


LomaLindaUniversityMedicalCenter’s plastic surgeons work with a multidisciplinary team including orthopedic specialists and occupational therapists to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of our patients with hand ailments. Using a variety of advanced surgical techniques, our plastic surgeons perform surgery to not only correct physical abnormalities and improve appearance of the hand, but to restore form and function as well. Hand services include:


Hand Surgery

A specialized surgical procedure, hand surgery treats any diseases and trauma that cause pain and impair hand strength, mobility and flexibility. Hand surgery is designed to correct the hand’s physical appearance, alleviate pain as well as recover the function of the wrist, palm and fingers.